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Hi team!

Just a quick update with the new groups.
Here is what will be happening in March. Please register your interest today for any/ all of the classes as I will need to confirm the numbers.

Plus, if you already have a group at work, social club etc., please advise if you would like a time to be made.

Concession cards will be available soon!

Talk soon and have a great weekend everyone!

- Jee

Here’s a sneaky snippet from my personal journal. Keeping a record of your objective physical experiences of anxiety can help reduce the intensity of the feeling by removing yourself from being within the centre of your distress; bringing yourself into a space (even if it’s limited) of neutral or calm. Next time you notice yourself worked up, try this little practice and simply say out loud how your body is feeling to bring yourself back to centre. #calm #anxiety #mindful #psychology #begoodtoyourself #breathe #mentalhealth #wellbeing #fitness #brainfood #jsparkhealth

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